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    Europe Travel Adapters

    A European travel adapter is a cost-effective electrical device used to convert the shape of a plug from a non-European country to fit into European electrical outlets or plug sockets. Most European countries typically use electrical outlets with two round pins, which are different from the flat pins used in other parts of the world. Purchasing a European travel adapter is a relatively inexpensive way to make sure that you can use your electronic devices while traveling abroad, rather than having to purchase new devices that are compatible with the local electrical system.

    If you are traveling from a country with a different type of plug, such as the United States or Australia, you will need to use a European travel adapter in order to plug your devices into the electrical outlets in Europe. This is because plugging an incompatible device directly into a foreign electrical outlet can damage your device or even cause a fire.

    RS have a great range or travel adapters to meet all your requirements when travelling overseas. Depending on the type of adapter, these versatile adapters may be used in multiple countries which can save you the expense and hassle of having to purchase different adapters for each country you visit.

    Benefits of using a European travel adapter:

    • Compatibility - you can plug your electronic devices into the electrical outlets in European countries, even if the plugs are different from the ones in your home country
    • Convenience - a travel adapter is a compact accessory that can be easily packed in your luggage, making it convenient to use your electronic devices in other countries
    • Safety – ensures that you do not damage your electronic devices or cause a fire by plugging them into incompatible electrical outlets
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