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    RCA Connectors

    An RCA connector also known as a Phono Connector is an electrical connector used for the transmission of A/V (audio /video) signals. RCA connectors are designed to work with coaxial cable and are typically used to make up RCA cables. RS offer a wide range of RCA jacks. RCA Sockets and RCA plugs from leading brands including Switchcraft, Lumberg, Neutrik, Cinch, Amphenol and of course RS PRO. You can find out more in our RCA connectors guide.

    What are RCA connectors used for?

    RCA connectors and cable assemblies can transmit analog audio, digital audio, component analog video and composite analogue video. They are used to connect to everyday devices such as TVs, DVD players, speakers, Hi-Fi and gaming consoles.

    Colour Coding and Identification for RCA Connectors

    RCA connectors are colour coded and labelled to help with signal identification. Each signal has its own colour which is widely recognised. The most common colours areRed for audio rightWhite for audio leftYellow for video

    What are the different types of Phono / RCA connector?

    RCA / Phono plugs and sockets are available in a range of mounting styles, termination types platings and finishes suiting every audio application. RS offer high-end professional quality connectors in the following types;Solder, crimp and clampCable mount, chassis mount, panel mount and PCB mountGold plated, Nickel plated, tin-plated and silver plated.
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