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    HDMI Connectors

    HDMI connectors are key in almost any audio/visual system. Short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI cables and connectors are a means of transferring high definition and high-speed signals from a device to a peripheral. The most common uses of HDMI cables can be found in TV systems connecting set-top boxes to a television providing both visual and audio signal. These cables are used via HDMI connectors built into both the set-top box and the television. Find out more in our HDMI connectors guide.

    Types of HDMI Connector

    Available in three main forms suitable for a range of applications:

    Standard Type A

    The most commonly used version of HDMI. By far the most recognisable of HDMI connector types to most people and are found on almost all brands of modern TV, computer monitor, gaming console and set-top boxes. HDMI type A male connector measures 13.9mm × 4.45mm.

    Mini Type C

    A smaller and slimmed-down version of type A and are very commonly found on a wide range of smaller and more portable types of equipment. Type C connections can often be found on digital cameras, camcorders, computer tablets as well as on sat nav systems. Type C Mini HDMI plugs measure 10.42mm × 2.42mm.

    Micro Type D

    the smallest of the three main HDMI connector forms, the Micro D form retains the same 19-pin configuration however in a slightly different layout due to the constraints of the smaller form. Type D micro HDMI connectors measure just 5.83mm × 2.20mm and can be found in many modern mobile phones.

    HDMI connectors are also available in a range of mounting styles and body orientations. Both of these factors are key when purchasing to ensure the most suitable connector for the application.

    Many HDMI components found in everyday applications feature gold plated connectors to ensure for the highest quality connection allowing for high-quality signal transfer for systems such as Blu-ray players as well as when being used in display ports for the highest resolution viewing.

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