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    Automotive Connector Backshells

    Electronic connectors for use in automobiles have to be tough and reliable. As they are often placed in parts of an automobile that are open to the elements, they are typical very well sealed against dust ingress and moisture, and usually have a good degree of heat resistance. Also, due to the vibration factors of being installed in a vehicle, the connectors will often have secure locking systems built into the plug and socket to prevent unwanted disconnect.

    What are automotive connector backshells used for?

    Automotive connector backshells stabilises the connector and prevents damage from straining on the cables to which the connector is attached. The backshells are often colour-coded or labelled so they can be easily identified when connected to large modular boards.

    Why automotive connector backshells?

    Automotive connector backshells can be used to change the orientation of the connection and allow the connectors to be tailored to the application in which they will be used. This enables connections to be made when the space available is restricted.

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