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1TB External Hard Drive

A 1TB external hard drive (also referred to as an external HDD) is an extremely popular choice for general storage expansion and backups in home and office computer setups. Depending on file sizes/compression rates, a typical 1TB hard drive can store:

  • Millions of pages of Word documents, emails, and other text files
  • Over 300,000 standard photos
  • Around 17,000 hours of audio (roughly 200,000 average-length songs)
  • Up to 500 hours of video

Furthermore, external hard drives are a very common option for backing up and saving additional copies of existing data/files, which can then be disconnected and kept separately from the main system.

What should I look for when buying a 1TB external hard drive online?

Always look up review sites with as many contributions as possible for the drive you're considering.

  • Brand - leading 1TB external HDD names include Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.
  • Model - most manufacturers offer a wide range of 1TB external hard drives, from budget models to more advanced versions with a suite of additional physical or software features.
  • Encryption - some premium drives offer data encryption at various levels, which helps keep your saved content secure if it should fall into the wrong hands.
  • Cable interface/connectivity type - most 1TB external hard drives link to your PC or laptop via USB connectors.
    • Newer machines may have faster, more recent USB 3.1 ports, but older systems might only offer USB 2.0.
    • A USB 3.1-ready HDD will work fine with a USB 2.0 computer, but you won't achieve the drive's full transfer speed and could save money with a more basic USB 2.0 model.

Most computers will eventually require more capacity to keep saving, installing and downloading programs, games, documents, images, movies, and so on. If the pre-installed hard drive that came with your computer is full, a 1TB (one Terabyte) external HDD is an excellent, practical and flexible way to easily attach a big chunk of extra storage space.

The cost of manufacturing and buying external mass storage drives has reduced dramatically in recent years, meaning that a wide range of 1TB external hard drives is now readily available to everyday users at a highly affordable price.


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