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    StarTech.com RS-232 Cables

    StarTech.com RS-232 cables are the right decision for you if you're looking for a serial converter cable.

    What is an RS-232 cable?

    An RS-232 converter is a type of cable which connects an RS-232 serial device to a computer through its USB port. The RS-232 converter does not require an external power adapter, as it is powered by the computer's USB port. Due to the RS-232 interface's simplicity, it efficiently provides a low-speed and a short distance range for many types of industrial communication devices, networking equipment, and more.

    Why choose StarTech.com RS-232 Converter Cables?

    If you're an IT pro who would like a cost-effective way to simply connect your serial devices, then StarTech.com serial converters are perfect for you. Their serial converter range consists of various serial cards and serial adapters, to adhere to their customers' specific needs. Whether you need a serial connecter for a server room or even industrial applications, StarTech.com serial convertors make it easy and efficient for you to add Serial ports (RS-232) to your computer through USB expansion ports.

    Features & Benefits

    Across the StarTech.com range of serial RS-232 converters, some great features and benefits include:
    • Convenient cable length
    • Some have great heat-resistant
    • Plug-and-play installation
    • Some are screw-locking USB connection prevents disconnection from snagging
    • Some are wall-mountable
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