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    Molex Wire to Board Cables

    When you're working in a busy industrial location, there's a lot to be said for keeping everyday tasks as simple and streamlined as possible. And when this involves electronics, it can mean only one thing – wire to board cables. These OTS (off-the-shelf) cabling solutions are the quickest and easiest way to connect wires and cables to PCBs (printed circuit boards).

    Wire to board cables are perfect for all PCB applications and can be found in the following:

    • Office Equipment
    • Mobile Devices
    • Process Controls
    • Patient Monitors
    • Household Appliances

    Molex Wire to Board Connectors and Cables

    Molex are synonymous with excellence in electrical engineering and have become known as a brand to trust thanks to their 80+ years of delivering reliable connections time after time. Using Molex parts, from connectors and cables to tools and enclosures, means you can be sure of quality and compatibility.

    Molex PCB wires are available in a wide range of connector types, sizes and cable lengths - so you can be guaranteed to find a cable to suit your purpose quickly. Use our handy filters and this guide to make choosing the right wire to board cable easy.

    Molex MicroFit 3.0

    The full Molex Microfit connector range offers everything you need to make wire to board, board to board and wire to wire connections. For wire to board connections, Molex Micro Fit provides a slew of features that keep your connections dependable and strong. For example, the isolated contacts prevent damage and outages, meaning less downtime when it matters most. This also allows for higher voltages to be employed. A positive latching feature prevents accidental disconnection, while polarised housings prevent mismatching.

    Molex Microfit wire to board cables can be used for everything from consumer electronics and medical devices to automotive systems and telecommunication networks.

    Molex MiniFit Jr.

    Molex Minifit Jr. wire to board connectors offer high-current, high-density connections with increased flexibility to support whatever design you're working to. With options of as few as one contact per connector and cable lengths of up to two metres, Molex Mini-fit Jr. cables give you exactly what you need in an easy-to-use option.

    As well as versatility in design, the Molex Mini-fit Jr. range features positive locks for security, and polarized housings with isolated terminals for long-lasting strength. These cables can also operate at up to 125˚C, making them perfect for use in home appliances, automotive devices and industrial automation.

    Molex PicoBlade

    Molex PicoBlade wire to board connectors offer incredible security. Produced for applications that are prone to rough-handling and vibrations, they feature a two-point contact design and a friction lock to create an incredibly strong connection. Gold plated options also allow for higher-electrical conductivity. Pin to pin map configurations allow engineers to simply assign each signal to a pin and the small pitch handily takes up less room on the PCB.

    Molex PicoBlade wire to board cables are ideal for industrial automation and medical applications, as well as automotive systems that involve a lot of fast movement.

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