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    3M Flat Ribbon Cable

    3M Flat Ribbon Cable is the ultimate solution to space saving cable design in industrial and classic computing applications. Due to their flat shape, they are able to connect high demand peripherals, and are often used to conenct computer hardrives. 3M are a renowned supplier of high quality and reliable electronic connection solutions, and combine with RS Components customer first service to provide the parts and service you need.

    What are flat ribbon cables used for?

    Flat ribbon cables are commonly used in computers and electronics to connect a variety of components. They can be used to connect hard drives, video cards, USB ports, sound cards, internal fans and other peripherals. Flat ribbon cables can also be found in consumer products such as DVD players and mobile phones.

    How do you connect a flat ribbon cable?

    Connecting a flat ribbon cable is relatively simple and straightforward. To begin, the end of the cable should be straightened out so that all of the pins are in line with each other. Once this has been done, it's simply a matter of inserting each pin into its corresponding socket on either an IDE or SATA hard drive or other device.

    Typically, connecting one side is enough to secure the connection. If not, use some form of tape such as electrical tape or zip ties to keep it in place. Check for continuity between both sides with either a multimeter or special tester for computer cables before using it.

    Additionally, double check your connections before powering up any equipment since reversing 2 wires can cause damage.

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