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    Crimped Wire

    Crimped wires are a type of wire strand that feature connectors that have been pre-crimped. Crimped wires are ideal for easy wiring in pre-production and prototype applications. Crimped wires can feature either male or female pre-crimped connectors, providing flexibility with wiring.

    What crimped wires are available

    Crimped wires with pre-crimped connectors are available in a wide range of lengths and styles, with various types of connectors to choose from. The most common types of connectors found on crimped wires include crimp receptacles, crimp tabs and pigtail as well as insulated and non-insulated connectors and terminals.

    Why use a crimped wire?

    Crimped wires are the perfect solution for applications that require a well terminated stranded wire. Using a crimped wire holds many advantages over soldered wire or wrapped wire. Crimped wires provide a much stronger connection which is gas tight to prevent corrosion, by preventing air and moisture contacting the strands.

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