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    PS/2 Cables

    PS 2 cables enable mice and keyboard connections to compatible computer systems. The cable assembly fits into the PS 2 port, which is a 6-pin mini-DIN connector.

    The PS 2 interface designs are electrically similar, and the cable assemblies are distinguished by green colouring for mice and purple for keyboard connection ports.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality devices for all your computing needs.

    What are PS 2 cables used for?

    PS 2 cables were previously used to connect mice and keyboards to computers from the IBM Personal System/2 series. They have since been replaced with USB

    In the manufacturing and production industries, PS 2 cable assemblies are still used to connect mice or keyboards to switch boxes and multiplexors. They are also used in data centres with switching applications where one keyboard, mouse and monitor combination controls multiple computers simultaneously.

    Types of PS 2 cables

    Types of PS 2 cable assemblies include mice cables, keyboard cables. extender cables. Our assemblies are available in various lengths with male and female Mini-Din connectors.

    PS 2 cables are made from PVC materials with aluminium foil screenings on the inside. PS 2 cables can be either shielded (single insulation) or double shielded (two insulation layers), to increase strain relief and cable protection.

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