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    Cable Tie Mounts

    Cable tie mounts, also known as bases, act as a fixing element for a cable tie to any surface. They assist with mounting wires and cables to walls, structures or panels. They are designed to hold cable ties that are a specific width and are selected by the maximum and minimum cable tie width it can accept. Mounts are available in different sizes, materials and designs provide a range of ways to fix cable ties.


    The material of the mount has to be suited to the environment it is used in. Most are manufactured from nylons, allowing them to be tough with good heat and chemical resistance.There are some more specialist mounts available, for example:Stainless steel mounts that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Blue metal detectable polypropylene for use in the food manufacturing industry.


    The mounts can be attached to a surface by three main methods, either fixing with a screw, self-adhesive or push in. Some mounts are fixed either way. As well as the affixing method, the design of the amount can help determine the best area for it to be used in. Some of the most common designs are:

    Self-adhesive mounts

    Self-adhesive mounts offer immediate adhesion and do not require any tools for affixing.2-way/4-way mount - Square low profile mounts that can be available as 2 or 4 way so that the tie can be fixed in the direction required. Commonly available with the option of screw mounting as well. The low profile design makes them ideal for use in confined spaces and domestic applicationsFlexible mount - designed to be used with convex or concave surfaces.

    Screw Mounts

    Easy to install and creates a long-lasting, strong fixing. Some are suitable for heavy-duty applications.Cradle mount - provides a secure fixing with a stand-off mount from the surface.Saddle mount - give maximum stability to fixings.Eyelet mount – small and ideal for restricted spaces.

    Push in Mounts

    Designed for use with panels or walls with pre-drilled holes.

    Arrowhead mount

    Fir Tree mountMasonry mount

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