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    HellermannTyton Cable Trunking Accessories

    It's time to save space and time. HellermannTyton offer a range of accessories to ensure maximum protections for cables and installers. Cable trunking is known for protecting cables whilst ensuring optimal efficiency levels. With the ability to secure, conceal and protect cables against water, dust and other forms of damage. HellermannTyton offer a range of solutions curated for a variety of application types including commercial, industrial, and residential. HellermannTyton are the experts in cable management. Since the 1930s they have been working tirelessly to improve, streamline and secure the wires you use in your workplace. Specialising in cable management solutions with cable ties, cable protection and cable identification products. Suitable for your workplace and various application types including electrical and data cabling.

    What are the main benefits of HellermannTyton trunking accessories?

    • Ideal solution for keeping everything in place
    • Easier monitoring and maintenance
    • Safe during installation tasks
    • Sleek, professional, and polished aesthetic

    HellermannTyton offer a wide range of cable trunking accessories including the wire trunking system solution Heladuct. Featuring rounded edges to help safeguard cable insulation avoiding accidental damage. Commonly employed in control cabinets to ensure a professional and reliable panel build. HellermannTyton Heladuct is a system solution suitable for ensuring the firm placement of wires and cables with the ability to withstand challenging conditions.

    Key features of HellermannTyton Heladuct:

    • Organisation of electrical wiring
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Structured separation and protection

    The HellermannTyton Varioplate is available for use with multiple cables. Featuring a modular design which enables small and large inserts in one frame. Cable entry system grommets are ideal for saving time and space. Suitable for use on a variety of control boxes. Curated with a variety of frame sizes available and suitable for a range of cable diameters. Manufactured from a thermoplastic elastomer material whilst adhering to the required IP ratings. .

    Key features of HellermannTyton Varioplate:

    • Easy assembly
    • Suitable for standard designs
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Ability to accommodate the installation of multiple cables with varying diameters

    At RS we offer a wide range of HellermannTyton products including cable trunking accessories available with free next day delivery. Organise your cables effortlessly with comprehensive wire trunking and accessories offered by HellermannTyton.

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