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    Rubber Cable Covers

    Rubber cable covers, also referred to as rubber cable protectors, are an ideal cable management solution. Cable covers made from rubber are suitable for use in a wide range of environments and are easy to install. Rubber cable covers provide a durable and sturdy protective case for your cables and wires, allowing them to be kept tidy, protected and organised.

    Where are rubber cable covers used?

    Rubber cable covers are a highly versatile cable management solution, providing quick and efficient protection in a range of settings. Available in a wide range of lengths, rubber cable covers can be used anywhere from a home office to a recording studio. Whether you need to protect your wires and cables in home DIY or industrial settings, rubber cable covers are an affordable and durable choice.

    What cables are compatible with rubber cable covers?

    Rubber cable covers are available in a range of designs, suited to all kinds of cables and wires. Many rubber cable covers are universal, however, for certain types of cables a specific feedthrough hole may be required. Whether you are protecting standard power cables or industrial cables, you will find a rubber cable cover to suit your needs.

    Can rubber cable covers be joined together?

    For certain applications, an extensive length of cable may need to be protected. With rubber cable covers you can easily join them together, providing a custom length to meet your needs.

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