CR123A Batteries

CR123A batteries refer to a particular type, size and chemistry (namely lithium-ion) battery that has been specifically formulated to pack a significant punch, in terms of voltage output, within a relatively compact and lightweight form factor.

What are CR123A batteries used for?

Due to their impressive combination of power and portability, CR123A batteries (often referred to simply as '123' cells) are most often used in devices and applications demanding both fairly high drain capabilities and reasonably small/pocketable dimensions.

Typical examples of CR123A battery use include:

What are the features and benefits of a CR123A battery?

  • CR123A batteries are always based on Li-ion (lithium) chemistry, and as such are not typically interchangeable with ‘standard’ zinc cells
  • Available in various rechargeable versions
  • Sometimes referred to as either (CR)17345, 16340, CR-123A or DL123A cells
  • Depending on the application, can last up to three years between changes (when in low-drain devices such as PIR sensors)
  • Standard CR123A dimensions are 34mm in height, 17mm in diameter (roughly two-thirds the size of a regular AA battery)
  • Nominal capacity is 1500mAh, although this can frequently be expanded depending on the brand and model
    • always check the manufacturer specifications for more information on prescribed capacities of individual CR123A battery products
  • Li-ion chemistry means that CR123A batteries can often be stored for up to 10 years prior to use
    • again, always consult manufacturer guidelines for individual products when storing batteries and cells long-term
  • Typically used as a modern replacement for a range of common older battery types, including:
    • BR2/3A
    • KI23LA
    • L123A
    • VL123A
    • 5018LC
  • Not a suitable replacement for standard C batteries - CR123A batteries are 3V output cells, whereas the physically smaller C battery is generally rated for 1.5V

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Description Price Brand Range Size Nominal Voltage Capacity Dimensions Chemistry
RS Stock No. 801-0711
- CR123A 3V 1.7Ah 16.8 x 34.5mm Lithium Manganese Dioxide
RS Stock No. 791-5974
Mfr. Part No.DL123 P2 RS
Each (In a Pack of 2)
Duracell Ultra Photo CR123A 3V - 34 x 16 x 16mm Lithium Manganese Dioxide
RS Stock No. 114-1382
Mfr. Part No.CR-123AL/1BP
- CR123A 3V - 34.5 x 17.1mm Lithium Manganese Dioxide
RS Stock No. 776-1024
Mfr. Part No.7638900052008
- CR123A 3V - 34.5 x 17mm Lithium Manganese Dioxide