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    AA Batteries

    AA batteries are extremely popular and can be found in thousands of devices worldwide, so if you are looking for Non-Rechargeable AA Batteries then you have reached the right place. Even with all of our breakthroughs in digital technology, AA batteries are the most commonly used power sources for many of today's devices and are available with varied terminal connections. Battery technology has advanced massively over time and now there many AA battery types to choose from to best suit your requirements, whether you're keeping the clock ticking on the wall or ensuring you have enough power in your wireless console controller to help you win the game.

    Before purchasing batteries it pays to look into the various different chamistry types, voltages, shelf lives and recommended storage conditions for all kinds of AA batteries when deciding which cells to buy.

    RS offers a wide range of high-performance AA batteries from well-known brands such as RS PRO, Duracell, and Panasonic. For more information, please see our AA batteries guide.

    Types of AA batteries

    Alkaline batteries are the most common and best-known type of AA battery. The main advantage of a standard, non-rechargeable AA alkaline battery is that it's immediately available, very cost-effective in the short-term and suitable for a range of low drain devices. They offer the user a longer operation time compared to a standard battery along with a shelf-life of up to 6 years.

    Long-life lithium AA batteries are another popular battery, providing up to 9 years of use. Lithium AA batteries are ideal for more robust shorter-term use in high-drain equipment such as digital cameras, or even better in low-drain devices that need to be powered for long periods of time like smoke alarms. AA lithium cells can loas longer than most other AA types in devices and don't leak over time, unlike many chearper varieties.

    Another type is the AA rechargeable battery (NiMH) . Rechargeable batteries offer a higher performance and bigger capacity. Manufacturers deliver pre-charged batteries that can be used immediately.

    Popular AA Batteries

    1/2 AA Batteries

    [3.6V AA Lithium Batteries](/ web/c/batteries-chargers/non-rechargeable-batteries/aa-batteries/?applied-dimensions=4294819745,4294833720)

    Typical Applications

    AA batteries are used in everyday life and are one of the most frequently used power cells in the market today. AA type batteries can be used in single cell devices, in pairs or larger multiples for powering larger devices. These types of batteries are extremely versatile and are used worldwide. They can be found in devices such as:

    • Torches
    • Lighting
    • Remote controls
    • Game Consoles
    • Alarms
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