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    Banner Photoelectric Sensors

    Banner is a leading supplier of automation solutions and products within the industrial sphere. Helping to increase efficiency, productivity, and availability of machinery in a variety of industries. Banner photoelectric sensors detect the presence or absence of an object through an emitted light. This beam of light can also detect a change of surface conditions. Sensors are also known as 'photo-eyes'. When the transmitted light is stopped, or reflected by an item, the receiver will then detect the change in the light pattern. This change is measured by the receiver and can recognise the target object.

    Banner manufactures a range of photoelectric sensors to fit every need, however, it can be challenging to decide which is best for a specific application. A range of sensors are available with varying levels of versatility, strength, durability, performance, and size. Other factors such as mounting options and sensing modes should also be considered. Smaller sized sensors are available for more compact spaces with fast response times within high-speed environments suitable for material handling applications.

    Why choose a photoelectric sensor from Banner's range?

    Banner photoelectric sensors can identify the presence or absence of a target object. One of the many advantages, of a Banner photoelectric sensor is their ability to detect targets at many different ranges. Another advantage is the long-life status of these sensors. All Banner photoelectric sensors are solid state with a surface mount design and are industrial grade for harsh environments. External factors are considered such as working within environments which include a range of temperatures, and their ability to withstand shock and vibrations, whilst being able to detect almost a plethora of targets.

    What type of applications are Banner photoelectric sensors suitable for?

    Banner photoelectric sensors are suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications including manufacturing, medical, material handling, food and beverage and many other industries. There is an emitter and a receiver that makes the sensor work. The setup is dependent upon the application type and the sensor. RS offer a variety of Banner photoelectric sensors available with free next day delivery.

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