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    Schmersal Light Detection and Ranging

    Schmersal light detection and ranging, also commonly called lidar is a remote sensing method. Lidar is important to be utilised in motion control in a variety of applications. Lidar works by using light pulses or laser pulses to measure a variable distance.

    Types of Light Detection and Ranging

    There are several types of lidar sensors including, airborne, typographic, and bathymetric lidar which are commonly used and installed on planes or helicopters to measure water depth and analyse the mapping of a certain region. However, terrestrial lidar sensors are more commonly used in industrial settings and are installed onto vehicles, this sensor type includes cameras and GPS.

    At RS Components we have a wide selection of Schmersal light detection and ranging with various specifications designed to best meet the needs of the application. Component types of the light detection and ranging sensor include receiver and sender, which type chosen depends on the specific application of the device.

    Typical Applications

    Common applications of lidar systems include the monitoring of hazardous areas. These devices are also typically used in warehouse environments and industrial settings where there are automated production lines.

    Schmersal design and manufacture a wide spectrum of high-quality products to provide safety in the workplace. Schmersal has the largest range of safety switching devices and safety switching systems in the world which provide high-level protection to the machines and the workforce. Find a wide range of Schmersal light detection and ranging products in stock at RS Components where we strive to give you the best offers from our suppliers and to promptly deliver in the shortest time.

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