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    Schmersal Light Curtains

    Safety light curtains are optoelectronic safety devices used to prevent harm to people within the vicinity of moving parts on machines. Schmersal brings 60 years of safety experience to the table and have many light curtain combinations to choose from in their product line.

    How do Light Curtains work?

    Safety light curtains work via a sender pole transmitting the infrared light to a receiver pole. If an object passes through the light barrier and interrupts the transmission, it causes the machine to stop. This means there is appropriate safeguarding in place for the people around the hazard, thereby reducing susceptibility to injury and harm.

    The 440 Series – Setting the Standard

    Schmersal wants their products to be safe and stand the test of time, in the 440 Series they’ve constructed a durable, robust device that users can rely on. The outer tube is made from polycarbonate and has an impressive IP69K rating. This means that for industries where cleaning down equipment is necessary several times a day, the tightness of how the beams are constructed will withstand 80 bars of water pressure, has great resistance to alkalis, and can withstand hot steam.

    Schmersal’s SLC 440 safety light curtain also features dirt detection on the sensors by measuring the intensity of the light being received. To prevent downtime and maintain productivity, a warning message will signal for action to be taken. Dirt detection is especially important given these devices are designed to situate in hygiene sensitive sectors, like the food and pharmaceuticals industries.

    The protective tubes for the Schmersal safety light curtains are a mere 50mm thick but are breakproof even under extreme stress, meaning they can withstand large shocks and impact. With heavy machinery moving at pace and health and safety the highest priority for many businesses, RS stocks only the most trusted brands; Schmersal will not let you down.

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