Flow Controllers

A flow controller, which is commonly referred to as a "mass flow controller" is a device that measures and controls the flow of liquids and gases. It is predominantly designed to control a specific type of gas or liquid at a particular range of flow rate. They automatically control the flow rate because they are calibrated in such a way, that enables them to have an auto set flow rate which is sent via an electric signal. This is achieved without being affected by external conditions, nor changed in the pressure.RS Components offer a selection of highly accurate controllers from leading brands including SMC, Omron. Burkert and Cynergy3. Mass flow controllers are used in a wide range of industrial applications when the accurate flow control rate is required.

How does a Flow Controller work?

The flow rate of a mass flow controller is usually classified by two types:Volumetric flow - this measurement is mainly affected by the temperature and pressureMass flow - this works within a multitude of industrial environments, used as indispensable equipment because of the need for accurate control of flow rate is requiredThey are super easy to install; most users can install them without the assistance of a professional. The majority of valves connect directly to faucets at the point where the water line connects.

An added bonus to using flow controllers

These controllers will help users to save a considerable amount of money, this is because they maintain the same pressure whilst in use which in turn means that they are using less air - saving you money on your water and sewer bills. This handy device can offer you a greener lifestyle, it has the potential to conserve up to 85% of the water that you use which means that there is lesser of a demand on the water supply.

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RS Stock No. 257-026
Mfr. Part No.DFT.990.RS
2 → 150 L/min Cable Plug Analogue - 24 V dc LED 1 in - - - - -
RS Stock No. 285-790
Mfr. Part No.DFT.980.RS
2 → 150 L/min Cable Plug Pulse - 24 V dc - 1 in +5°C +60°C - - -