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    Flow Controllers

    What is a Flow Controller?

    A flow controller, which is commonly referred to as a "mass flow controller" is a device that measures and controls the flow of liquids and gases. Flow Controllers are designed to regulate a specific type of gas or liquid at a particular range of flow rate as an electric signal.

    The electric signal allows the Flow Controller to automatically set the flow rate and is not affected by external conditions or change in the pressure. Mass flow controllers are used in a wide range of industrial applications when the accurate flow control rate is required.

    How does a Flow Controller work?

    The medium enters from the inlet and flows through the sensor or the bypass. The sensor then detects the mass flow rate as a relative change in temperature and converted to an electric signal. This signal passes through the amplification, correction and comparison control circuits and put out as a voltage reading (e.g. 5V).

    The comparison control circuit compares the flow rate electric signal to flow rate setting and sends the difference between the two readings to the valve driving circuit. Finally, the flow rate valve moves to adjust the flow rate actual to the flow rate setting so the flow controller is set to the correct level.

    Types of Flow Contoller

    The flow rate of a mass flow controller is usually classified by two types:

    • Volumetric flow - this measurement is mainly affected by the temperature and pressure.
    • Mass flow - this works within a multitude of industrial environments, used as indispensable equipment because of the need for accurate control of flow rate is required.

    They are super easy to install; most users can install them without the assistance of a professional. The majority of valves connect directly to faucets at the point where the water line connects.

    Benefits of Flow Controllers

    Mass Flow Controllers have many benefits to the user, including:

    • Cost Effective
    • Maintain constant pressure whilst in use
    • Less air consumption
    • Reduce the cost on water and sewer bills
    • Environmentally efficient
    • Conserve up to 85% of the water that is used

    Mass Flow Controllers are also long life, durable and operate effectively.

    Browse the broad range of Flow Controllers RS Components have to offer from industry leading brands.

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