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    Schneider Electric Digital, Power & Energy Meters

    For increased energy efficiency and reliable measurement capabilities, choose from the Schneider Electric PowerLogic family of energy meters.

    As an industry expert in sustainability Schneider Electric provide a fantastic range of meters to help you effectively manage and reduce your energy consumption and operational costs. Their products comply with stringent standards and are thoroughly tested to ensure superior performance, safety, and quality.

    What does an energy meter do?

    Energy meters, also called electrical meters, are used to monitor and measure energy use. They provide accurate meter readings which can help you to manage energy costs and reduce your environmental impact. These electrical measuring devices are used to record energy consumption over a time-period in terms of units, such as power, voltage, wattage, current, and frequency. They can be found in commercial, industrial, and residential applications like shops, factories, houses, and offices.

    Schneider’s PM5000 power meters offer basic multifunction metering. These affordable units are compact, versatile, and are ideal for basic network management installations and cost management. They offer easy set-up and operation, residual current monitoring, data logging up to 16 parameters, and power quality analysis.

    The PM8000 series is designed for advanced metering with mains or critical loads on MV/LV networks. They are perfect for use in data centres, infrastructure, and industrial facilities. These power meters have 512MB memory, generate onboard PQ compliance reports, and feature an easily readable front panel colour graphic display.

    The iEM2000/iEM3000 series ensure basic energy metering. iEM2000 units are single-phase DIN rail mounted meters which are ideal for cost-allocation and sub-billing. The iEM3000 series features multi-tariff capability, onboard Modbus, LON, M-bus or BACnet communication, and is also compatible with the Acti9 range.

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