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    Honeywell Current Transformers

    Honeywell is an experienced provider of current transformers, innovating superior solutions which have helped to establish the brand as a leader in the industry. Honeywell Sensing and Control dedicate a comprehensive selection of products to providing accurate current sensing devices at affordable costs. Expect excellence when you choose a Honeywell current transformer.

    What are current transformers?

    Current transformers are devices used in the measurement of power. As their name suggests, they transform current from a high current into a lower current that can be safely passed through conjunctive measurement equipment. The current enters the transformer and flows through a primary winding, creating a magnetic flux which induces a current in a secondary winding. The current in the secondary winding is lower, but as it's proportional it can be measured using an ammeter.

    Why are current transformers useful?

    Current transformers vary in capacity, with larger transformers used extensively throughout electricity networks. In these networks, power plants supply electricity at an extremely high voltage, which is passed through transformers before reaching domestic distribution. Current transformers of lower capacity are used in the manufacturing and testing of circuitry and components.

    Choosing a Honeywell current transformer

    When choosing a Honeywell current transformer, important considerations include input and output current, loop type, and supply voltage. Use the filters below to find the current transformer best suited to your specific requirement.

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