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    Moving Coil Meters

    What are Moving Coil Meters?

    Moving Coil Meters are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Moving Coil Meters are some of the most common, effective Ammeters used in industry today. They are a popular choice as they last longer, function better, and are incredibly accurate.

    RS Components offer an extensive selection of high-quality Coil Meters from industry-leading brands including Baumer, HOBUT, Lascar, Lovato, Murata, Siemens, Red Lion and of course, RS PRO.

    How does a Moving Coil Panel Meter work?

    A moving coil meter comprises of a coil wound on a cylinder made of iron which is pivoted and is able to rotate. The moving coil is enclosed by a magnet which produces a magnetic field. Electric current passed through the coil supplies a force which moves the coil to a position which will read current or voltage.

    Applications for Moving Coil Panel Meters include:

    • Measure Current Flow in Buildings
    • Manufacturing & Instrumentation
    • Electricians
    • Food Schools
    • Used with Thermocouple

    They possess some key features including

    • Extremely long life
    • High efficiency
    • Low power requirements
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Safe and convenient

    Browse the broad range of Moving Coil Meters RS have to offer and order today for next day delivery

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