Digital Panel Multi-Function Meters

Digital panel multi function meters are touch-display devices that use a free drag-and-drop style software package for rapid development of industrial display and panel applications. Users can built multi-screen interfaces without writing code.

What are digital panel multi function meters used for?

Digital panel multi function meters are a versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional panel meters. They allow you to program and display meter styles previously provided by a traditional panel meter. They're suitable for a range of low-, medium- and high-voltage control panels, gensets, building management and power management systems.

How do you use digital panel multi function meters?

Digital panel multi function meters work in conjunction with current transformers for easy installation. You can select the type of meter style you want from a choice of six, including bar graph and analogue-style options. The display can be personalised by selecting preferences including text, colour and voltage input scaling. Once any programming is finished, you can save all selections to the meter and your computer, detach the unit and mount it into a panel.

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Description Price Properties Measured Display Type Cutout Height Cutout Width Depth Number of Digits Digit Height Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Approvals Measurement Range Meter Type Minimum Measurement Series
RS Stock No. 124-4456
Mfr. Part No.14110042
Counter, Current, Frequency, Humidity, Speed, Temperature, Thermocouples, Voltage LED 22.2mm 45mm 3mm 4 10 mm -20°C +50°C EMC 2004/108/EC, EN 61326, IEC 60529/EN 60529, UL 94 V-0 0 1 (Voltage V @ >10 kΩ), 0 10 (Voltage V @ >100 kΩ), 0 2 (Voltage V @ >10 kΩ), 0 50 (Voltage mV @ >10 kΩ) Electrical -270 (Thermocouple (Type E)) °C, -270 (Thermocouple (Type K)) °C, -270 (Thermocouple (Type N)) °C, -270 (Thermocouple (Type T)) °C, -200 (PT100 (3-Wire)) °C, -200 (PT1000 (2-Wire)) °C, -200 (Thermocouple (Type L)) °C, -170 (Thermocouple (Type J)) °C, -50 (PT100 (3-Wire)) °C, -50 (Thermocouple (Type R)) °C, -50 (Thermocouple (Type S)) °C, 0 (Counter), 0 (Current mA @ 125 Ω), 0 (Frequency NPN) kHz, 0 (Frequency PNP) kHz, 0 (Frequency) kHz, 0 (Humidity) %RH, 0 (Speed) rpm, 0 (Voltage) V, 4 (Current mA @ 125 Ω), +80 (Thermocouple (Type B)) °C DI32-1