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    Sanyo Denki Stepper Motors

    Sanyo Denki's SANMOTION series combines excellent performance and reliability in the manufacturing of its motion control solutions. Innovative stepper motor designs afford them this reputation; Sanyo Denki's stepper motors feature quiet operation despite impressive their impressive torque. With a comprehensive variety of models, it is possible to configure to exact requirements.

    Choose from our selection of Sanyo Denki stepper motors. We offer multiple options with varying current ratings, maximum torques, and motor diameters, among other specifications.

    Precise motor control for dexterous programmed movements

    Stepper motors differ from other motor types in that during operation they do not rotate continuously until they are disengaged. Stepper motors pass a pulsating current through a series of coils, the pulse forces the motor through only an increment of its complete rotation. This allows the motor to divide a complete rotation into multiple increments, any of which the motor can begin or finish a rotation on. Stepper motors are typically digitally controlled, whereby they can be programmed to assert these precisely defined rotational positions.

    Stepper motors can complete incredibly dexterous movements, with accuracy seldom equalled by other types of motor. They are subsequently commonly utilised for demanding technical applications, such as in automation and robotics. Industrial environments utilise their capabilities to support the automation of machinery. Commercial installations include printing services, where they are used to control the moving parts of commercial printers. They can additionally be found in photography equipment, where they are instrumental in the precise adjustments of aperture and focus settings.

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