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    ABB Motor Starters

    An ABB motor starter is an electrical device that is used to stop and start a motor safely. Motor starters switch power ON/OFF and provide a low voltage and overcurrent protection, which is what sets them apart from a relay. Motor starters govern the use of electrical power in a generator through decreasing and controlling the current generated upon activation of the generator, as well as regulating and increasing the current once the generator has stabilised. ABB's range of motor starters includes several different device types, including direct-on-line (DOL) starters, manual starters, soft start starters, start delta starters, are more.

    How do you choose which ABB motor starter is most suitable for your application?

    When selecting a motor starter, you need to consider the required load, the type of motor and the network, before deciding which product is best for you. Some of the motor starters in ABB's range are as follows:

    • Manual motor starters – these devices are operated manually and are extremely easy and straightforward to operate, without requiring intervention from an expert
    • DOL motor starters – direct online starters are the simplest form of motor starter, aside from manual starters. They are usually operated using a simple push button that closes the contactor connected to the main supply. A stop button is also present to turn the motor off
    • Star delta motor starters – these devices are suitable for use on a large scale and are ideal for long acceleration times. They also have a simpler construction and have a lower input surge current compared to other starters
    • Soft start motor starters – soft starts gradually increase the voltage and current supplied and in turn, reduce the impact on the electrical system
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