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    Eaton Motor Protection

    Safeguard your motors and say goodbye to machinery downtime with motor protection units by Eaton.

    What is motor protection?

    These devices protect against damage and help to limit issues such as internal faults or problems caused by vibration and excess torque, so your motors can keep running efficiently for longer. You can also use them to manage mechanical limitations such as startup frequency management and control operating characteristics. These units are primarily used to regulate and protect synchronous and asynchronous motors. Eaton is a respected leading global supplier for motor protection and have a large offer of circuit breakers, so you can be sure to find the right model to suit your application.

    Try the Eaton Moeller range PKZ motor-protective circuit breakers if you need dependable short-circuit and overload protection in one device. With 2 versions available, you can cover voltage ranges from 0.1 A to 63 A. They include handy features such as a rotating handle with clear switch position (ON and OFF), DIN rail mounting, and a rated voltage of 690 V ac. They form part of the Eaton xStart family of control gear products. The PKZM0 motor protection range of circuit breakers are designed to keep your operations running smoothly by reducing downtime of machinery, acting as an intermediary between devices. They are matched to the Eaton DIL contactors. They offer reduced installation time as accessories can be installed without the need for tools.

    What's the difference between MPCB's and MCCB's?

    MCCB's (Moulded case circuit breakers) are devices which are used for general circuit protection, however MPCB's (motor protection circuit breakers) are specifically used to protect motors. Although they both guard against overloads and short-circuits, MPCB's also defend against phase loss and under-voltage faults.

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