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    Motor Accessories

    Motor accessories are designed to enhance and protect a motor. The protection of motors facilitates a longer life of motors and a reduction of a machine and motor downtime.Our range of motor accessories is full of products that improve or completes a motor set-up. These accessories will provide control or protection for your motor.

    What types of accessories are there?

    Motor accessories are often used but are not limited to a distribution set-up - installed within an industrial environment in warehouses and factories. Below is a list of just a few types of accessories that you will find within this range of products.Adapters, help to provide an easy connection.Busbars are used to link together the supply side of a circuit breaker.Motor protection cables, which help to connect various modules - help further with a solution for motor control.Connection blocks, kits, and modules.Enclosures, offering not only protection but increased functionalities of motors.EMI filters are used to suppress electromagnetic interference on a signal or power line.Braking Resistors, Protect your machines. They are designed to dissipate the energy which a motor generates during deceleration.

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