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    WERMA Signal Towers

    WERMA is Europe’s leader in signalling and with over 60 years of experience, they know the importance of warning, guiding, and protecting people, and have designed their LED towers with safety and simplicity at the forefront. Their signal tower range aims to make modular parts intuitive and new products futureproof. With new networking capabilities, take your health and safety protection to the next level by utilising IO-Link or the optional wireless transmission modules to keep on top of faults and maintain uptime.

    What is a Signal Tower?

    Signal towers look similar to traffic lights as the lights are stacked on top of one another to create the tower structure. A towers purpose is to communicate a signal as clearly as possible; through different coloured tower lights, noise, and flashing or continuous lights.

    What are Signal Towers used for?

    Signal towers are used to pick up on faults in processes as quickly as possible. Signal towers are elevated to maximise viewing angles so as many people as possible can see the alarm signals. The best towers stand out clearly and purposely draw attention to themselves through either sight or noise.

    WERMA Signal Towers

    The pre-assembled towers, such as the KOMPAKT 37 series, is WERMA’s most popular line of towers. The Poka-Yoke installation is mistake-proof, saving up to 50% installation time.

    The modular signal tower range, KombiSIGN, is designed to allow users to construct a tower to their exact specifications and replace individual components when needed. With the TwinFLASH and TwinLIGHT installed already in the system, users purchase less equipment while being able to create a comprehensive signalling system to quickly act on any faults, reducing downtime.

    With so many different types of signal towers out there, WERMA wanted to make sure that their technology is not only reliable but hygienic too. Each signal tower has a smooth design for an efficient cleaning process.

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