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    Gaffer Tapes

    Gaffer tape, also referred to as gaffa tape, is a heavy cotton cloth tape featuring a strong adhesive with excellent sticking qualities. These tapes are typically available in rolls of 25m or 50m lengths and a standard 50mm width. They are available in a range of colours, used to mark different applications as well as being available in both gloss and matt finishes. You can find more information in our gaffer tape guide.

    How does it work?

    Gaffer tape has a cloth substrate made of a heavy duty cotten, this is faced with an adhesive coating that when affixed to a surface, creates a high strength bond. The tape can bond to almost any surface you want and is usually used as a temporary measure to secure things such as signs, devices, cabling whilst being able to be easily removed by the user afterwards. Gaffer tape can also be used in longer-term scenarios due to its reliable high bond and robust cotton backing.

    Features and benefits:

    Several different colours available such as black, white, yellow or green. These include fluorescent variants also.Cotton based materialAge resistant – perfect for fixing something long termLeakage-proofAnti-corrosive properties (perfect against water and chemicals)Easy to tearInexpensive

    Where might I use Gaffer Tape?

    Around the homeWorkplaceIndustrial sectorsFactories

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