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    3M Double Sided Tapes

    3M Double Sided Tapes provide the stability, strength and versatility you need for your project to succeed. These high-performance double sided tapes have the ability to bond with pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides. 3M double sided tape can be used throughout a large number of sectors, such as automation, transportation, signage, aerospace, electronics and construction, to perform a wide range of the most demanding applications. Paper and plastic tape is available, with acrylic or rubber adhesive. Beige, Clear, Translucent and white double sided tape is available. The tapes are available between 9mm to 100mm in width and 33m to 55m in length.

    Why choose 3M?

    3M are a trusted name in tapes and adhesives. Whether for industrial or even domestic applications, 3M has a tape to suit your needs. From automotive masking to office supplies, 3M tapes are relied on by millions to get the job done. RS supplies a wide range of quality 3M tapes to suit the needs of the most discerning customer.

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