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    Tape Guns

    A tape dispenser is a device which cuts Sellotape with ease, to provide a fast and simple method of dispensing tape. A tape gun is a hand-held variation of a tape dispenser, often used in warehouses or distribution centres, which increases the ease of use when sealing packaging and boxes. A tape dispenser gun is often lightweight enough to dispense tape directly onto the object, increasing speed and efficiency on pick and pack operations. Heavy duty tape dispensers are required when working with brown parcel tape or heavy-duty tape.

    When is a tape gun useful?

    Tape dispenser guns are an essential tool for packaging and warehouse operations and can allow users to quickly and efficiently seal boxes. They are ideal for reusable packaging, paper recycling and warehouse applications, offering a fast and effective method of sealing.

    How does a tape dispenser work?

    Packing tape guns can be used to quickly seal cardboard boxes and other packaging and will have a handle with a secure grip. The user simply applies the end of the tape to the relevant box or item, and then glides the dispenser along the opening. There are a variety of tape gun dispensers available, to suit different applications and environments.

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