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    Bosch Rexroth Storage Bins

    Say goodbye to untidy and disorganised environments because Bosch Rexroth Storage Bins can help keep your environment free of clutter with their space-saving storage solutions. Suitable for a wide range of environments, you can rely on Bosch Rexroth to bring you effective storage systems.

    Why use Storage Bins?

    Do you have limited space within your environment, need modern storage solutions, or just in need of a general tidy? Well, Bosch Rexroth understand that your contents can vary in size and, no matter how big or small, they have carefully designed different sized storage bins so that you can organise your environment with ease.

    Functional, durable, and ergonomic: Bosch Rexroth Storage Bins are an essential solution for your workshop, warehouse, or garage, where you can store all your tools in a safe manner to maintain an efficient environment.

    Not only can the storage bins keep your worktop tidy, but they are also made to suit shelving and cupboard organisation. So, if you don't want all your contents on view, you can declutter and organise your cupboards and shelving units with the help of the Bosch Rexroth Storage Bins.

    Key Features & Benefits of Bosch Rexroth Storage Bins

    • Various Sizes: Plenty of choice to suit your storage needs
    • Flexibility: Suitable for a range of applications (such as shelving, cupboards, and worktops) in many environments
    • Durability: The strong and lightweight materials offer a long-lasting storage solution
    • Improves Space Efficiency: Enhanced work environment that is effective and efficient, where limited space is no longer a worry
    • Effective Stock/Content Management: Making small contents easily accessible in a neat and tidy space
    • Hygienic: Plastic materials are easy to clean to maintain hygiene

    Types of Storage Bins

    Bosch Rexroth offer a range of portable plastic storage bins. Some of their storage bins have an integrated skirt lip, making it easier for you to take out the contents within the bin safely and quickly. They also offer storage bins with a grab ledge (which can be used independently or in conjunction with the other grab containers) that can help you identify the contents easily and efficiently take them out of the storage bin with a sweeping action.

    Where can these be used?

    Bosch Rexroth offers an array of sizes of storage bins so that you can find the right storage bin for many environments and applications, such as:
    • Home
    • Warehouse
    • Office
    • Stores
    • Laboratory
    • Garage
    • Hospital
    • Manufacturing: pharmaceuticals, textiles, and recycling among others
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