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    Shackles are primarily used for lifting heavy objects and equipment. Basic models are available for domestic and light use, such as for luggage and tow ropes. Each shackle is made of a durable and high-quality material ensuring a perfect connection to the sling and providing excellent reliability. For shackles suitable for lifting there is a weight limit guidance, ranging anywhere from 0.05 tonnes all the way to 12 tonnes. Although these measurements are only a guide it is an important factor to consider when making your shackle selection. You can also find more helpful information in our shackles guide.

    Types of Shackle

    Bow shackles, also known as anchor shackles, are usually large with an 'O' (bow) shape and are routinely used on multi-leg slings. This rounded design allows the shackle to take loads from different directions without developing a sideload. As bow shackles are generally larger than other types of shackles they can handle larger straps.D shackles, also called chain shackles, have a 'D' shaped design and are commonly used for single leg slings. The smaller loop on a D shackle can take higher loads than a bow shackle but cannot be used for side and racking loads. There are both D Shackles and Bow Shackles available within the range. These are available in different sizes to ensure that they fit within your application/project.

    Pin Types

    Safety bolts - designed with a nut and bolt for maximum security, once the bolt is inserted and the nut is tightened with a hex key a safety pin is inserted through the end of the bolt to provide extra stability.Screw pins - predominantly used for temporary applications. Screw pins are perfect for when a shackle needs to be regularly removed and re-attached.Split pins - Like a safety bolt pin design. The split pin provides even more security.

    Shackle Material

    Available in various types of steel such as stainless steel or alloy steel. Stainless steel is perfect for outdoor conditions due to its durable and long-lasting properties and is ideal for industrial rigging.

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