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    Bungee Cords

    A bungee cord (also known as a shock cord) is an elasticated shock resistant cord with a core formed from elastic strands. The outside of the core is covered in a water and abrasion resistant stranded woven braided sheath which spirals round the core. When the bungee cord is pulled the sheath squeezes the core to transmit the elastic compression of the core to the longitudinal extension of the sheath and cord.

    Types of Bungee Cord

    Bungee Cord - A length of bungee cord supplied on a reel. The hooks can be purchased and fitted separatelyHooked Bungee Cord - A single bungee cord with a metal or plastic hook either end enabling it to be secured firmly in placeSpider Strap - A set of four hooked straps held together with a central metal ring ideal for securing loads where various tie points are required.


    Bungee cords are ideal for securing loads on vehicles without the need to tie knots. Applications include caravans and camping, trailer covers, roof racks, curtain-sides, tarpaulins, trampolines as well as other commercial and industrial applications. What to consider when choosing a bungee cord ? You should consider what the purpose is of the bungee cord and how much stretch you need as the primary elongation rating will be important. The thicker the bungee the stronger it will be. Depending on what purpose the bungee is used for you should ensure the outer sheath can deal with the conditions it will be used in.

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