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    Ladder Accessories

    Ladder accessories are used in conjunction with ladders, telescopic ladders and step ladders to improve safety when in use, for additional security or when ladders are being transported.

    What are the different types of accessory?

    Roof Rack Clamps - Ladders are often transported on the roofs of workers cars and vans. These metal clamps enable the adders to be attached safely and securely to the vehicle roof. The clamp kit also has padlocks to prevent theft. The padlocks can be detached when not in use.Ladder Stopper - This accessory is specifically designed to provide extra stability when using a ladder. The stoppers prevent it from slipping or pivoting to one side. Ladder stoppers consist of a metal T shaped plate which is secured to a heavy-duty rubber base. The plate holds the foot of the ladder in place and the rubber base grips to the ground securely. This accessory eliminates the need for a second person to be at the foot of the ladder.Ladder Mat - The mat is manufactured from heavy-duty non-slip rubber. The mat is designed to prevent ladders from slipping on uneven or slippery ground.Ladder Carrying Bag - The bags are designed for easy transportation of telescopic ladders.

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