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    Tesa® is one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive tapes for consumers and industry. By relying on the latest technologies and on its...

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    More durability. It makes sense.

    Adhesive tapes might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to better durability. But, why wouldn't you opt for a more durable tape if you had the choice?

    Our full range of sustainable packaging tapes supports your sustainability goals by being both reliable and high performing.

    Together, let's take action for a more sustainable future. It makes sense.

    Our assortment of reliable packaging tapes for a more sustainable future can be your first step on the road to greater sustainability. By using bio-based or recycled materials, producing solvent-free adhesives and improving the recycling of used cardboard, we can help you make your supply chain more sustainable.

    Popular products

    Packaging tapes

    Discover our more sustainable packaging tapes

    • tesa 60412: 70% PET PCR in carrier
    • tesa 60408: 92% bio-based carbon, certified by DIN
    • tesa 60013: reinforced Craft paper tape, for boxes up to 30kg
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    Adhesive tapes

    Discover all our adhesive tapes

    • For all your box packing and strapping needs
    • For all your masking needs, whatever the temperature
    • For all your repair needs, indoors or outdoors
    • For all your fixing needs, and on all supports
    • For all your safety and floor marking needs

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    Our assortment of reliable packaging tapes for a more sustainable future

    • Our paper packaging tapes come from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.
    • They are recyclable according to INGEDE method 12 and their production process is solvent-free.
    Masking Tapes

    Masking Tapes

    Masking tapes are essential for all painting jobs and help achieve clean, perfect edges.

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    Repair Tapes

    Repair Tapes

    Repair tapes enable “first aid” to be administered, allowing minor damage to be repaired with minimal effort.

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    Double Sided Tapes

    Double Sided Tapes

    The strong and durable adhesive power in these tapes allows them to quickly attach different objects to a wide variety of surfaces.

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