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    Sanyo Denki

    Sanyo Denki

    Represented by EAO Ltd, Highland House, Albert Drive, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9TN, United Kingdom
    Sanyo Denki

    Sanyo Denki supplies technology for protecting the environment , improving energy efficiency and utilising alternate energy along with technology for protecting peoples health and safety. Founded in 1927 Sanyo Denki supplies industries such as computing, telecomms, medical, energy and machinery with thermal management and motion control systems.

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    Equipment cooling fans and stepper motors for motion control

    The Sanace DC, AC and EC fan range includes axial, centrifugal, and blower fans with high airflow and static pressure including waterproof and long-life versions along with PWM and IoT fan controllers for enhanced thermal management.

    The Sanmotion stepper motor line-up includes precision stepper motors from 14mm to 106 mm frame size, motors with built-in encoders and matching stepper motor drivers for precise motion control.

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    Axial Dual Ball Bearing Cooling Fans

    Axial Dual Ball Bearing Cooling Fans

    • Sanyo Denki's SanAce dual ball bearing axial fans provide reliable and efficient equipment cooling.
    • The range covers axial fans from 36mm up to 200mm frame sizes and includes counter rotating and reverse flow fans with typical rated lifetimes of 40,000 hours at 60°C.
    • The range includes ultra high airflow and static pressure 9HV series through to 9WL 180,000 hour long life fans IP68 waterproof fans.
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    Precision Stepper Motors

    • Sanyo Denki's stepper motors provide reliable precise motion control with high torque and low vibration.
    • The range includes motors with 1.8 and 0.9 degree step angles, in frame sizes from miniature 14mm up to high torque 86mm motors.
    • The motors come with bipolar or unipolar windings for optimising holding torque and driving complexity, or achieve easy integration with our DB series matched stepper motor, driver and cable sets.

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    SANYO DENKI- SanAce 9WL Fan

    Waterproof, long-life fans – fit and forget!

    A belt and braces approach- See how Sanyo Denki design their IP68 sealed and 180K hour long-life fans.

    Long Life Fans

    Long Life Fans

    When failure is not an option. The 9LG metal frame fans are rated for nearly 25 years or 215,000 hours at 40°C .

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    Why SANMOTION Stepper Motors Excel in Medical Device Design

    Why SANMOTION Stepper Motors Excel in Medical Device Design

    In the precision-driven area of medical device design, engineers look for solutions that prioritise accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. SANYO DENKI's SANMOTION F2 2-Phase Stepper Motor Systems include a wide range of motor sizes from miniature 14mm to 86mm frame sizes and sophisticated stepper motor drivers that allow engineers to design precise and reliable medical motion control systems.

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