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    SMART Devices are the eyes and ears of efficient machines and equipment

    Rockwell Automation is a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, and brings smart manufacturing to life. With a long legacy of creating Allen-Bradley® integrated control and information solutions, we help make you as productive as possible. Our portfolio of sensing, safety and motor control products can support your move towards smart machine applications. Allen-Bradley® IO-Link sensors are data-enabled and communicate with all field buses, providing diagnostic and health information about the device before a machine stops, and enabling quick production changeovers through fast parameter downloads from PLCs into the device. This reduces machine downtime and increases manufacturing OEE. For safety components, products with built-in diagnostics simplify the set-up of the smart device, and reduce maintenance, leading to a more efficient, machine data-driven approach.

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    Smart Sensors

    Increase productivity - IO-Link Devices from Rockwell

    • IO-Link Devices are the eyes and ears of efficient machines and equipment. Rockwell Automation's large portfolio includes IO-Link sensors, circuit protection and tower lights
    • Providing real-time control and information available across platforms, advanced diagnostic and health data to avoid unplanned machine stops and to reduce machine downtimes
    • Multiple device profiles can be loaded from the PLC into a device to achieve faster production change overs which will increase the overall OEE of a machine or production line
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    46CLR ColorSight™ True RGB Sensor Family

    • Fully IO-Link enabled RGB color sensor family in IP67/69 & ECOLAB certified
    • Offering long range colour sensing up to outstanding 150mm sensing range
    • Providing RGB & Intensity process data via IO-Link into the PLC platform
    • Internal storage of up to 7 colour channels and output via 3 binary outputs
    • Up to 3KHz speed, internal counter, timer, temperature and signal strength
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    It starts with the push of a button

    It all starts with a touch of a button...the smart devices on your plant floor are designed to collect and deliver data that helps you to be more productive. With access to the information you want, when you want it, and that you can take action on

    Tower Light

    IO-Link enabled Tower Light

    IO-Link module (856T-B24LC) for an easy integration into control systems of all light and sound modules part of standard 856T 70mm diameter Tower Lights

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