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    Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World

    Norgren is a world leader in fluid and motion control and has a long-standing engineering heritage spanning more than 90 years. This, together with our commitment to close customer collaboration, is seeing us spearhead bespoke innovation for sustainable automation solutions to tackle the complex production challenges over the short, medium, and long term. OEMs across the packaging, food and beverage, material handling, motion control, semiconductor, and machine building industries require innovative solutions to drive operational efficiencies, access component performance insight, tackle energy consumption and labour cost challenges and underpin overall productivity objectives.

    Excelon Plus Air Preparation unit

    Air Preparation - Excelon Plus

    • Correct compressed air preparation is essential for optimum performance of your pneumatic ring-main and equipment
    • Norgren are experts in the FRL arena, where our ranges have been at the forefront of industry for many years
    • Our product ranges, including Olympian Plus and Excelon Plus, are available from individual to combination units
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    Norgen's ISO Line Cylinders

    The latest in the Norgren ISO/VDMA pneumatic cylinder range is offered in both profile and tie-rod options. Features the self adjusting, Adaptive Cushioning System (ACS) as standard. The range is complemented by one of the most comprehensive range of mountings in the industry, switches including IO Link and options including high temperature or low friction and various piston rod materials.

    Norgren ISO Compact Actuators

    ISO Compact Actuators

    Compact actuators are used where space is a premium with the standard compact actuators, being one third the length of the equivalent ISO profile cylinder. Our ISO version conforms to the latest ISO 21287 standard and accepts the M50 standard reed switch, solid state switch or IO Link switch inside our integrated switch grove.

    ISO Compact Range

    Norgren Integrated Electronic Pressure Sensors

    Integrated Electronic Pressure Sensors (IEPS)

    The IEPS is a pressure sensor with condition monitoring and diagnostic functionality. It provides a clear digital display with colour changing background for condition monitoring and has IO-Link functionality and configurable digital output.

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    Super X Range montage

    Super X - Inline Valves

    Our Super X Range of valves are inline manual/mechanical valves. It has a wide range of operators suitable for multi-directional flow and dual supply applications. It also has high flow capacity and lightweight corrosion resistant materials.

    Super X Range

    Norgren V60/V63 Valves

    V60/V63 Valves

    Key features of our V60, V63 valves are their high flow rate at small size, proven sealing system, maintenance-free, different manual override options available, low power consumption, easy assembly and the option of different pressure ranges.

    V60/63 Range