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    Megger - electrical testing from the utility to the socket

    Megger is one of the world's leading premium manufacturers of T&M devices. We offer solutions to check the transmission paths of electrical energy from the power plant to the socket for their safety and functionality. There is a long list of Megger inventions such as Micro-ohmmeters, Insulation testers and DMM´s. Megger's famous hand cranked inductor has been synonymous with accurate insulation measurement for generations of electrical engineers. This was invented by our company founder Sidney Evershed in 1889.

    Over the decades, we have continuously developed and expanded our product range in breadth and depth. Today, we can proudly claim to have played a leading role in T&M technology as the manufacturer with by far the longest tradition and the largest range. Our products combine many years of experience, the valued feedback from our global users with the inventiveness and conscientiousness of our product developers. Each subsequent series offers more safety and more reliability.

    Featured products

    The MFT-X1 - made with you in mind

    The new MFT-X1 - We've listened to you.

    • Never run out of power again with the fast switch 4Ahr Li-ion rechargeable plug-in battery pack: The fastest and most flexible battery change solution in the industry
    • Customer upgradeable operating system
    • Stabilised insulation
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    Testing electrical vehicle charging infrastructure

    • Push Button for PE Pre-Test,CP Error "E" and PE Error (Earth fault) simultation
    • Rotary switch providing PP and CP State simulation
    • Carrying Case
    • CAT II 300V Rating
    • Comply with Low Voltage Directive LVD 2014/35
    • Testing EV chargepoints

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    Presentation MFT-X1

    The MFT-X1 introduces our first generation of platform based, user upgradeable MFTs, to add to the existing Megger MFT1700 range of multifunction testers.

    MIT family

    Diagnostic Insulation testing

    As insulation faults are the most frequent harm to electrical equipment, regular insulation testing is fundamental for maintenance. However, the usual comparison of an insulation resistance test with predefined limits can only give a good/bad result. But is the result 'good' always sufficient? The answer to this question is provided by a recurring test sequence consisting of different test methods. Regular testing is also the best way to minimize equipment failures and their consequences.

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    Continuity & low resistance testing

    The purpose of an electrical continuity test is to establish just that; the circuit is continuous.

    Is it used by electricians to be certain that no wires have been crossed at a junction box and all connections are correct and tight.

    Hundreds of similar applications assure that electrical continuity has been established or maintained. Similarly, diodes and other components are readily tested. Often, an actual measurement isn’t needed; the IUT passes by a pre-set buzzer.

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    TDR family

    The greatest experience in runtime and cable length measurement

    The method is also known as TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry), which describes the analysis of cable length and reflection characteristics of electro-magnetic signals and waves in electrical conductors. Some people know this technology also under the name "cable radar” as the principle is indeed similar to a conventional radar.

    The length measurement of cables in the electrical industry was one of the first important applications.

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    Earth testing

    Megger ground testers offer unique solutions for your grounding measurements. As well as complete sets of measuring instruments, measuring leads and stakes in a robust hard case - and thus everything that is needed for measurements on site. The housings of our earthing measuring devices usually offer protection class IP54 and are therefore suitable for outdoor use.

    All our measuring instruments are designed to be user-friendly our earthing measuring devices usually offer protection class IP54 and are therefore suitable for outdoor use. All our measuring instruments are designed to be user-friendly

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