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    Designed for Excellence

    Part of Snap-on Incorporated, Lindström is a leading manufacturer of premium precision hand tools for various application.

    With over 150 years of experience designing and manufacturing tools, we design our products for professionals of various industries, such as Electronics, Medical Device Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defence and General Industry. We manufacture our products in factories located in Europe and control every part of the process focusing on uncompromising safety and quality.

    Our ambition is to continue being at the forefront of product development by connecting with the users of our tools to ensure we can develop products that make their work easier and safer to perform.

    Featured products


    • Designed to perform with ease, minimize operator fatigue and improve productivity.
    • We create unique head and cutting edges to suit an unmatched variety of uses.
    • The use of ball-bearing grade steel and appropriate heat treatment methods ensures Lindström cutters last longer.
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    8142 Ultraflush Cutters

    Lindström Ultra-Flush Cutters

    • High performance alloy steel
    • Numerically controlled grinding ensures edge angle accuracy and contact
    • Precision induction hardened edges 63-65 HRC
    • Screw joint minimises friction and maximises alignment of cutting edges
    • ESD safe handles

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    Specialist in Precision Cutting since 1856

    Finest cut results with the smoothest lead-end result on the market. The ultimate choice for minimising component and lead-shock and guarantee exceptional solderability. Perfect for working with close tolerance machining, electronics and medical device manufacturing

    Lindström Tweezers


    The finest application-driven tips and grips cover every need. Interchangeable carbon fibre tips make tweezer ESD safe and adapting it to the job.

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    Lindström Pliers


    The holding pliers are available in almost unlimited shapes, styles, configurations, materials and sizes.

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    Lindström Torque Screwdrivers

    Torque Screwdrivers

    They feature an ergonomic shape, a durable positive grip powder-coated surface, and an anti-magnetic ESD safe bit holder that accepts 1/4” Hex drive bits.

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