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    ifm is a world market leader in sensor technology and a pioneer in Industry 4.0. Since its foundation in 1969 ifm has developed, produced and sold sensors, controllers, software and systems for industrial automation worldwide. As one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0, ifm develops and implements consistent solutions to digitise the entire value chain “from sensor to ERP”.

    Featured products

    VKV vibration monitor

    Vibration monitor with intuitive switch point setting

    • Reliable permanent monitoring of the overall vibration to DIN ISO 10816
    • Switching output with adjustable switch point and response delay
    • Simple switch point setting by means of two setting rings allowing optimum reading
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    IO-Link: worldwide open communication standard

    How do you benefit from IO-Link?

    • Allows devices to send and receive significantly more data
    • Receive digital measured values and process data from the sensor without any conversion losses
    • Uses standard, unshielded M8 or M12 cables of up to 20 metres
    • Parameter setting and monitoring via software
    • Reading and logging of event and diagnostic data
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    Amazing IO-Link

    In the past binary switches usually provided simple switching signals or analogue values. Today the data from intelligent sensors is the basis for the next industrial revolution. Sensors that extract all the information from your machines and equipment using the key technology IO-Link.

    IO-Link has been developed by leading sensor, actuator and control manufacturers. The result is a standardised and field-bus independent interface for automation. This provides the user with point-to-point connections without complex addressing.

    Use the amazing IO-Link and contact us so that you stay productive and competitive with your production processes of tomorrow.

    Inductive Sensors from ifm

    Inductive Sensors

    Inductive sensors are nowadays indispensable for industrial applications. As compared to mechanical switches they offer almost ideal conditions: non-contact operation free from any wear and tear, high switching frequencies and accuracy. In addition, they are insensitive to vibration, dust and moisture. Inductive sensors detect all metals without contact.

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    Photoelectric Sensors from ifm

    Photoelectric Sensors

    Automation technology can no longer be imagined without photoelectric sensors as "artificial eyes". They are used where a reliable and non-contact detection of the exact position of objects is required. The material of the object to be detected is of no importance. Compared to inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors have a much greater sensing zone. Versions include, through-beam, retro-reflective, diffuse reflection and lasers.

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    Ultrasonic Sensores from ifm

    Ultrasonic Sensors

    Ultrasonic sensors are used for reliable position detection and precise continuous distance measurement of solids, powders and liquids. Even in operating conditions with heavy soiling, dust or mist the sensors detect objects reliably and without interference. ifm's compact ultrasonic sensors provide a particularly small blind zone, long sensing ranges and a high resolution.

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    Cables from ifm

    Connection Cables

    ifm's ecolink series comprises sockets, cable plugs, jumper cables and splitter boxes in M8 and M12 design. The range is complemented by adapter sockets, adapter plugs, valve plugs and wirable sockets and plugs. Even in harsh industrial environments, the connectors are protected against unintended loosening by a special vibration protection. The integrated end stop protects the O-ring against destruction caused by over-tightening the nut.

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