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    Specialising in industrial interconnect products, HARTING has been operating since 1945, and are well known for their Han Connector range. High-...

    Caswell Road, Brackmills Ind. Estate, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN4 7PW, United Kingdom

    HARTING Ltd.

    HARTING are experienced in the fields of electrical, electronic, and optical connection, transmission and networking and is a leading global supplier of industrial connectivity technology for the three lifelines of data, signals and power.

    HARTING are highly skilled at developing innovations which provide simple yet reliable solutions, such as robust and space-saving solutions for fast Ethernet, device connectivity and industrial cabling.

    They have also created modular solutions to improve the flexibility of manufacturing processes. For example, the Han-Modular® range allows you to produce a bespoke connector by combining individual modules for different transmission media in a variety of hoods and housings.

    HARTING have also embraced the trend of miniaturisation, manufacturing board-to-board and wire-to-board connectivity, including the T1 Industrial, our pioneering connector for the delivery of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), the ix Industrial and the har-modular® PCB connector system.

    Featured products

    The Han® 1A

    Han® 1A

    • A robust, space-saving Han® connector for industrial environments
    • Employs a modular system of inserts, allowing the integration of contacts for the delivery of data, signal and power
    • Easy ‘click and mate’ design means the connector can be assembled in seconds without the need for tools
    View the 1A Range


    • Connect data, signal and power from one pcb to another
    • Over a billion combination possibilities
    • Ideal for innovative prototyping or creating a device series
    • Use the online configurator to create a design using standard components
    • Available from batch size 1
    Discover Har-modular

    Har-modular® Assembly

    The new HARTING har-modular® PCB connector system gives you over a billion combination possibilties for data, signal and power. Configurable online by yourself from quantity 1. The ideal solution for innovative prototyping or your next successful device series.

    Han-Eco® B

    Han-Eco® B

    Han-Eco® B saves time thanks to the ability to rear mount inserts. The range complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2 and offers IP65 protection.

    Discover Han-Eco® 

    ix Industrial

    ix Industrial

    The ix Industrial® is a smaller, robust replacement for the RJ45 with a 70% smaller PCB socket. It also combines power and data in a single interface.

    View ix Industrial®



    Han-Modular® allows you to produce a bespoke connector by combining individual modules for different transmission media in a variety of hoods and housings

    View Han-Modular®


    VarioBoot RJ45

    Flexibly route cables with the VarioBoot RJ45. The anti-kink sleeve allows you to reroute lines without interference or transmission loss.

    View VarioBoot RJ45

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