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    EA Elektro-Automatik

    EA Elektro-Automatik

    Helmholtzstr. 31-37, 41747 Viersen, Germany
    Picture of an EA power supply, plus application images of solar, wind power and electric vehicle applications

    Leading-edge power electronics with a wide application spectrum

    At the German headquarters more than 350 qualified associates research, develop and produce high-tech equipment for laboratory power supplies, high power mains adaptors and electronic loads, with and without mains feedback. Specific to power electronics, made by EA, is the wide application spectrum. The units are used across many branches, from batteries, through fuel cell technology, to wind and solar power, from electrochemicals and process technology to telecommunication. Results and experience from decades of R & D flow continually into new solutions. Automatic test systems with specially developed soft- and hardware assure a consistently high product quality. EA is driving the future of power electronics – technologically excellent, designed for resource protection and energy saving and conceived for a multitude of applications.

    EA-10000 Series

    YES TO EA-10000 SERIES - Wide range of improved DC power supplies and electronic loads

    • Largest product variety
    • Extended performance range
    • Powerful and efficient
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    EA-10000 Series Bidirectional Regenerative DC Power Supplies and Loads

    EA-10000 Series Bidirectional Regenerative DC Power Supplies and Loads
    • More choice with over 180 DC power supplies and electronic loads: programmable, bidirectional, regenerative
    • Extended power ranges
    • Energy recover greater than 96% efficiency
    • Safe parallel connection
    • Efficient applications test with true autoranging and integrated function generator

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    The electrification of the world is in full progress. EA is developing the leading power electronics for tomorrow's technologies – efficient, cost-saving and regenerative.

    Say yes to more than 180 models. With programmable, autoranging DC power supplies, bidirectional DC power supplies and regenerative DC electronic loads.

    Say yes to efficient applications test with autoranging. Say yes to greater than 96 % energy recovery. Say yes to safe and easy parallel connection.

    Picture of EA-10000 3U Series

    EA-10000 3U Series

    Our series 10000 3U offers the established devices with 5kW, 10kW and 15kW power in a new dimension. With an AC input range of 3 phase 208V to 480V for global use. Efficiency of over 96% make these devices highly economic. These devices can be expanded with a 2000V DC variant for applications in e.g. the PV industry. The new intelligent Master-Slave-Bus means all power classes with the same output voltage can be combined (2U, 3U and 4U). So a system can be exactly configured to meet your needs.

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    Picture of EA-10000 2U Series

    EA-10000 2U Series

    With the series 10000 2U has expanded its product portfolio for applications needing less power but still high flexibility. Starting with 3 kW uni- and bidirectional devices are available, as laboratory power supply, electronic load with power feedback and as a bidirectional power supply. All devices are programmable via analogue and digital interfaces as well as via the 5” TFT touch display. They offer the same configuration and functionality as those in this series with higher power.

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