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    At Druck, a Baker Hughes business, we are known around the globe for our portfolio of high performance, robust, accurate and stable test & calibration equipment, and pressure sensors. Since our formation over 50 years ago, we have successfully applied technological innovation, expertise, and a focus on customers’ applications in a diverse and demanding world of pressure measurement. What makes Druck unique is the high-quality product development and manufacturing process which allows the business to maintain quality and performance across the entire portfolio. From the in-house, raw processing of silicon to delivering the final product all under one roof, Druck is a world leader in manufacturing and quality excellence. Ultimately, we provide peace of mind in the toughest environments.

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    Druck DPI 705E Manometer

    Druck DPI705E Series handheld indicator

    • Druck DPI705E Series handhold indicator
    • New Druck Manometer, designed to replace the legacy DPI705 provides many essential features required for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting
    • Handheld pressure and optional temperature indicators which combine a tough and rugged design with accurate and reliable measurements
    • 41 pressure ranges from ±25 mbar to 1,400 bar
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    Calibration Unified Pack

    DPI610E handheld portable pressure calibrator

    • Iconic Druck calibrator, built on the legacy DPI600 series
    • Accurate and stable pressure measurements from vacuum to 1000 bar
    • An internal barometer with barometer port for easy calibration
    • Enhanced battery life with over 90 hours continual use from a single, 2 hour charge
    • Also available as Intrinsically Safe version

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    Druck Calibration Unified Package

    The Calibration Unified Package from Druck offers a complete solution to pressure test and calibration application. By pairing Druck's hardware and software, you can fully automate your procedures to optimise efficiency.

    Druck DPI 620 Genii

    Druck DPI620 GENii modular calibrator

    The DPI620 GENii is Druck's high accuracy pressure, electrical, frequency and temperature multifunction calibrator. It forms part of the DPI620 GENii modular calibration system and can be used with the PM620 Pressure Modules and PV62X pressure generation stations for a complete pressure calibration solution.

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    Druck UNIK5000

    Druck PTXPRESSX Pressure sensor

    The PTXPRESSX has been designed based on the hugely popular UNIK5000 series to be an off the shelf, high accuracy, flexible pressure sensor. Ideal for many industrial and process applications, the PTXPRESSX has easily identifiable, multiple pressure ranges lased etched on the body tube. The PTXPRESSX includes developments from a range of applications and volume manufacturing to achieve high performance. They are compact, rugged design with high accuracy measurement and low cost of ownership.

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    UPS-III Loop calibrator

    Druck DPI611 hand-held pressure calibrator

    The Druck DPI611 is a portable pressure calibrator combining pressure generation, signal measurement and loop power with high accuracy. The DPI611 generates 0 to 20 bar/300 psi in less than 30 seconds. It can also calculate PASS/FAIL errors, documents results and interfaces with calibration software"

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    Druck DPI611 calibrator

    Druck DPI104 Pressure gauge

    Combining precision and functionality within a compact and robust design, the DPI104 range of digital pressure indicators are microprocessor-controlled gauges. These pressure gauges are digital with a digital display and are network-capable alternatives to standard analogue test gauges. Druck's digital pressure gauges provide a reliable and economical solution for a multitude of pressure sensing applications, process and monitoring also test and calibration.

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