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    Part of Snap-on Incorporated, Bahco is a leading manufacturer of premium quality hand tools. With over 150 years of experience designing and man...

    Moorhead Way, Bramley, Rotherham, S66 1YY, United Kingdom

    130 Years Of Leading the way – Follow The Fish

    Bahco is a market-leading premium tool brand that provides tailored solutions and meets the needs of the highest-performing professionals working in the green, trade, automotive, industrial metal cutting and general industries.

    Bahco has invented some of the most essential tools in the world, such as the adjustable pipe wrench, the adjustable wrench, multi-component handles and Sandflex® saws, accumulating more than 400 registered patents and multiple awards.

    With an extensive catalogue of more than 24,000 products, Bahco tools offer a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, user-centred tool design and over a century of experience.

    The Fish and Hook - When Göran Fredrik Göransson started producing saw blades in 1886, it became apparent that a brand was needed that could communicate the blades’ special properties and quality. The choice was made to identify the brand with the fish and the hook, as everybody knew that fish hooks were only made with the highest quality steel, the same steel from which Bahco saws and cutting tools were forged.

    This is how Bahco’s iconic brand logo was born, no letters, words or sophisticated figures, just a symbol, one that everyone could understand and recognise across the world. The fish and the hook remain a symbol of quality to this day.

    Featured products

    Bahco Adjustable Wrenches

    Celebrate 40 years of innovation with the anniversary of Bahco's ERGO TM screwdriver

    • Embrace the legacy and elevate your tool collection with Bahco’s Ergo™ Screwdriver
    • Chances to win an incredible prize by buying any Bahco screwdriver in store or online
    • Valid from 01/10/2023 to 31/03/2024
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    Bahco Storage HUB Trolley

    Tool Storage & Toolkits

    • Create a personalised portable working station for your needs
    • Choose the right container with the tool selection you want
    • Organise to increase efficiency and performance
    • Customisation that lets your imagination fly
    • For additional configurations, Bahco offers BETMS

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    Ergo Insulated Pliers

    Your safety is our concern. It is our mission, and the reason behind our ERGO™ Insulated Pliers, designed and tested for work on live equipment, up to 1,000 Volts. Discover all the benefits

    Bahco Tools @ Height

    Bahco Tools@Height

    For each tool in our extensive catalogue, Bahco develops the best solution to work at height, approved according to DROPS practices.

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    Bahco ERGO Pliers

    ERGO™ Pliers

    Pliers that reduce muscle tension and risk of injuries, while increasing job satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

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    Bahco ERGO Screwdrivers

    ERGO™ Screwdrivers

    Developed following an extensive ergonomic process with users resulting in products improving the productivity and reducing the risk of injuries.

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