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    Amphenol RF

    Amphenol RF

    4 Old Newtown Road, Danbury, Connecticut, 06810, United States of America
    Amphenol RF

    Amphenol RF is one of the world's largest manufacturers of coaxial interconnects for radio frequency, microwave and data transmission applications. Using next-generation technology, they enable advancements in connectivity. Their global engineering teams develop innovative solutions using the most advanced manufacturing technologies, alongside Statistical Process Control, to make; RF connectors, coaxial adapters & radio-frequency cable assemblies in volume with industry-leading quality.

    Specialists in making solutions that meet customer-specific design requirements, using existing or proprietary interfaces. Amphenol RF delivers a robust and expanding portfolio of interconnect products for a range of industries; automotive, broadband, broadcast, industrial, IoT, instrumentation, medical, military and wireless.

    With products that are IP-rated, non-magnetic, QPL MIL approved, 12G SDI, rugged, board-to-board, low PIM, high-frequency, quick-locking, ultraminiature & tamper resistant.

    Featured Products

    Coaxial Connectors

    • Offering a broad variety of RF connector configurations in all industry standard and a number of proprietary interfaces
    • Commonly seen in wireless applications
    • Designed to connect printed circuit boards (PCBs)
    • Ideal for use across various markets including broadcast, industrial and wireless infrastructure

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    Coaxial Connector Installation Guide

    Do you need to know how to install a coaxial connector (TNC) on an RG-58 cable? Watch how to easily follow Amphenol RF's 3 Pc Crimp - Crimp instructions with the help of an engineer.

    Coaxial Adapters

    Coaxial Adapters

    Offering a full range of coaxial adapters, designed for radio frequency applications. Featuring industry standard interfaces in between-series & in-series configurations to support a wide assortment of applications. RF adapters can be used to change gender or as connector savers in precision test & measurement and used to transfer signals between connector interfaces. Available in 50 ohm and 75 ohm designs, standard polarity & reverse polarity Jack to Jack, Plug to Jack & Plug to Plug.

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    Coaxial Cables

    Coaxial Cables

    A robust portfolio of coaxial cables for use in radio frequency applications. Available for all industry standard coax cable types, engineered with in-series or between-series interfaces, and in some cases an unterminated or blunt cut end. The line of high-performance precision test cables (ATC-PS) feature additional phase stable and low loss capabilities, making them ideal for test & measurement. Custom cable assemblies are available and offer a tailored solution to standard products.

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