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  • RS Stock No. 331-9408
  • Brand Loctite
  • Mfr. Part No. NC-BB
  • RoHS Status
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No-Clean Desoldering Wicks in 2 lengths

These desoldering wicks are supplied in an anti-static case and require no cleaning after desoldering thanks to their copper braiding coated with a special halide-free synthetic resin.
Solder is absorbed quickly, leaving only a negligible amount of residue that is non-corrosive and non-hygroscopic.
Available in 1.5 m or 30 m lengths.

Wick & Braid

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De-Soldering Braid
To date this is the best De-Soldering braid i have used . Others i have tried tend to 'spread' apart when using a fine point bit and need to be used again & again .Some times you find it has been soldered to the board . Very frustrating . None of these are apparent with this braid . It has a better rigidity and handles well . Using it will result in the cleaned area looking like a tinned pad . Excellent product .


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Jan 25, 2013

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