• Availability Discontinued product
    • RS Stock No. 763-1030
    • Brand Samsung
    • Mfr. Part No. Raspberry Pi OS
    • RoHS Status
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    Operating System CompatibilityLinux, Macintosh, Windows
    Type of SoftwareOperating System
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    Didn't work with my Pi
    I bought my Raspberry Pi in August 2013 with the recommended SD card. It din't work. When I looked at the file dates, they were all Feb 2013. It looks like the same Hynix chip problem that anothe reviewer has listed. I formatted the SD card using special SD card formatting software as the SD card only shows as 56MB in Windows Explorer. Loaded new NOOBS software from the Raspberry Pi website and the Pi is now working. It is bad that RS still stock the old software version SD cards when this incompatibility issue is well known. At least there is a no cost workaround although it does take a while to read up on the problem, format the SD card, download the correct software packages, burn image to SD card, etc.


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    Sep 18, 2013

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    Received one that wasn't up to date
    Ordered this pre-loaded card in Feb 2013 to get up and running with my Raspberry Pi B quickly. Raspberry Pi backorder arrived late March 2012. But this card with pre-loaded OS didn't work with the Raspberry Pi B that I received. Wouldn't boot. Turned out that the later Raspberry Pi builds that have Hynix device in centre of PCB require a later build of the OS than was pre-installed on this card. So I ended up having to download OS image and write my own SD card anyway, which was an easy process. Must rate RS Customer Service 5* for Returns though. Prompt RMA and refund for this unsuitable product that I returned.


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    Apr 18, 2013

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    Brilliant Product
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    An excellent product! I was struggling to pre-load the software onto an SD Card because my SD card reader was not working very well, but this was by far the best solution for the problem. Worked perfectly first time for me and I am very impressed. Great Buy!


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    Jul 27, 2012

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    All good.. Actually worked fine in someone else's identical Raspberry pi device that got to me first (as i reg'd late at RS) -- very impressive instant start and highly recommended. Beware a couple of points.. You need to update it once online (incomplete guess from memory to help you search is "sudo apt-get update" at the terminal). Also note the SD card (as will all such cards from a Denian image) uses 2G of the 4G. Within the 2G are 3 partitions -- a 1.6G OS area, .2 swap file area, and .2 regular fat32 (which is what you see if you insert it into a camera or into your pc). The remainder is unallocated ready for you to change, but partition resizing is Very difficult .. All forums talk of complex Ubuntu (on sep computer) instructions and this is something i hope the community works out. But that's not RS's problem of course.


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    Created on:
    Jul 6, 2012

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